Turnaround Times


1-3 Units Porcelain to Metal Crowns10 days
All Ceramic Crowns and Veneers10 days
Full Zirconia Crowns7 days
Model-Less Full Zirconia Crowns 4 days
Custom Shaded Crowncall
Metal Frame Try-In6 days
Full Cast Crowns5 days
Maryland Bridge10 days


Implant Crowns (For most implant types)13 days
Surgical Stent5 days


Custom Trays, Bite Blocks, Mouthguards2 days
Wax Set-Up for Try-In3 days
Process and Finish4 days
Metal Framework10 days
Metal Framework with Teeth Set-Up12 days
Metal Framework with Teeth Processed14 days
Hard Relines, Minor Acrylic Repairs1 day
Soft Relines, Cast Metal Repairs3 days
Acrylic Partials, Flippers3 days
Flexible Partials6 days
Orthodontics Appliances10 days
Acrylic Splints5 days

Productions days do not include pickup or delivery days, weekends and holidays.
We recommend that the due date on your prescription be the working day before your patient is scheduled.

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